Engineering of the Big

It’s another hot, “fall” day with the semester in full swing, and hundreds of students, faculty and staff pack the stairs and floor of the Engineering Education and Research Center. Burnt orange fans with THANK YOU plastered on them in white text…

The Ekerdt Effect

In 15 years as an associate dean, John Ekerdt helped build a collaborative research culture and served as a catalyst for the transforming skyline of the engineering campus

To the Center of the Earth

Nearly 3,000 kilometers below Earth’s surface, unstable isotopes fling stray neutrons into a primordial soup of molten iron and nickel. As they transform into more stable versions of themselves, the isotopes emit tremendous amounts of heat, helping…

Captain Cockrell

At the Pentagon, three women stand on stage, their faces lit by the burst of flash bulbs. Then Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Merrill McPeak has gathered them to make an historic announcement: effective immediately, women pilots and…

Guiding AI

Artificial intelligence could be the defining technology of our time. Texas Engineers are hard at work refining and improving the technology, imagining new ways to deploy AI to solve important problems and putting up guardrails to protect users –…

Ready for Launch

Launch Texas aims to provide students entrepreneurial education that helps them create their own space tech companies and become part of a catalyst to grow the Texas space economy.

Enrique the Connector

Ph.D. student Enrique Velasquez Morquecho leads SNaP, a collaborative effort of underrepresented student organizations in the Cockrell School to create shared community between different groups.

We’d Like to Speak to the Manager

Longtime CPE building manager Glen Baum retires after 30+ years, numerous university awards and one unprecedented pandemic.

Battery U

The University of Texas at Austin has emerged as a leader in energy storage, and batteries, led by top-tier faculty, students and investment in technology and facilities.

How COVID-19 Helped Put UT Therapeutics on the World Map

In early 2020, the world’s spotlight shined on The University of Texas at Austin. Researchers at UT Austin became the first to decode and map the structure of the spike protein of the novel coronavirus, the part that allows SARS-CoV-2 to enter human…