Ready for Launch

Launch Texas aims to provide students entrepreneurial education that helps them create their own space tech companies and become part of a catalyst to grow the Texas space economy.

Enrique the Connector

Ph.D. student Enrique Velasquez Morquecho leads SNaP, a collaborative effort of underrepresented student organizations in the Cockrell School to create shared community between different groups.

We’d Like to Speak to the Manager

Longtime CPE building manager Glen Baum retires after 30+ years, numerous university awards and one unprecedented pandemic.

Battery U

The University of Texas at Austin has emerged as a leader in energy storage, and batteries, led by top-tier faculty, students and investment in technology and facilities.

How COVID-19 Helped Put UT Therapeutics on the World Map

In early 2020, the world’s spotlight shined on The University of Texas at Austin. Researchers at UT Austin became the first to decode and map the structure of the spike protein of the novel coronavirus, the part that allows SARS-CoV-2 to enter human…

A Lifelong Love of Nature Drives This Texas Engineer

Carlos Torres-Verdín forged a bond with nature at an early age. As an avid hiker and climber, he grew up traversing the trails and scaling the mountain peaks near Mexico City, developing a fascination with rocks along the way. Years later, this…


Some engineers and clinicians freely use the term; others say it's not a thing yet. But it's clear that collaborations between surgeons and engineers are on the rise. These alliances will result in a more robust technical toolkit in the operating…

Sights + Sounds

The buzz of machines in project labs and the steady hum of conversation in study spaces returned along with our Texas Engineering community, as Longhorns came back to campus for the first time in a year and a half. Check out the sights and sounds of…

Celebrating John W. Hargis

The story of John W. Hargis — The University of Texas at Austin’s first Black undergraduate student, first Black student at UT to receive an engineering degree, founder of the Epsilon Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, first chairman of the Texas…

Rendering of the Automated Bag Breathing Unit

‘Like a Wartime Effort’

Engineers across all disciplines in the Cockrell School are applying their expertise to the problem in any way possible. Nearly eight months since the pandemic took hold in the U.S., an ever-growing cadre of research projects have been funded and…