2017-2018 Issue

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Delivering a Better Life

Driven by both personal and professional motivation, Texas Engineers are advancing drug delivery.

Tom Truskett with two researchers

Accelerating Discovery

Tom Truskett and his team believe there is a better way to bring products to market sooner, and it starts with machine learning.

Student checks pulse of woman

Doing a World of Good

Reece Stevens was determined to build a new patient monitor that could be manufactured less expensively and in higher quantities.

drawing of a microscope

New View

A new, advanced, light-based microscope invented at UT Austin offers a glimpse deep inside living cells.

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Spiraling Upward

Inside the bright, bustling atrium of the EERC, there is one feature that stands out from the rest.

clock knot sculpture in front of engineering teaching center and chemical and petroleum engineering building

How Do Great Companies Sustain Success?

Eric Roe sees the answer as a three-legged approach, where success depends on all three supports.

Balloons drop at the EERC grand opening event

A Unifying Force

From the moment you walk into the atrium of the 430,000-square-foot EERC, you can tell we have entered into a new era at Texas Engineering.

swimmer dives backwards into a pool

Take Your Mark

We sat down with John Shebat, a mechanical engineering junior, backstroker on the Texas Men's Swimming and Diving team and 2020 Olympic Games contender.

portrait of steve ferraro

Unsung Heroes

From alumni outreach to student life programming, staff members dedicate themselves to improving and advancing the Cockrell School.

Emma Fan holds violin with sensor attached to her arm

Musical Sensing

Donglei (Emma) Fan, a mechanical and materials science engineer, takes an active role in her daughter’s violin lessons — and sees an opportunity to invent a new learning tool for the next generation.

nasa satellite image of texas gulf coast

UT and Mexico — A Partnership that ‘Just Makes Sense’

Texas and Mexico have an enduring connection.

ut tower

Alumni Notes

Texas Engineering alumni lead industries, launch companies and help develop solutions that improve lives around the world.

Portrait of Alumni and donors who gave to the EERC

Donor Spotlight: Peyton Yates

Peyton Yates helped make the EERC spiral staircase a reality.

students lounge in hammocks in large hammock structure

Rethinking Relaxation

In their quest to build a better sling that doesn’t rely on trees, a group of entrepreneurial students invented a crowd-pleasing new product and launching a unique startup.

gabe Muoneke speaking to a group of people

Living the Dream

Gabe Muoneke never lost sight of his dream to live and work in Nigeria, where he felt he could make the biggest difference.

Portrait of Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert

‘Creativity is Everywhere’

We sat down with new biomedical engineering chair Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert to learn about her impressions of campus, vision for the future and the deep commitment Texas Engineers have to advancing health care.

portrait of sara ortwein

Be Yourself and Know Your Blindspots

Meet the Texas Engineer who leads XTO Energy Inc.

engineering education and research center

This Year So Far

So much has happened in the Cockrell School since last fall  — new buildings, new leaders, new degrees, new research centers, the list goes on.

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