mechanical prosthetic hand

The New Generation

More so than any other generation, Gen Z students are eager to get out of the classroom and learn in the real world.

Sam Dawson stands at a podium to give a speech

‘Our Purpose Has to be About Transforming Lives’

Alumnus Sam Dawson began his career at Pape-Dawson Engineers.

Portrait of Adrianne Rosales smiling in her lab

Coming Home

After graduating from the Cockrell School in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, Adrianne Rosales knew that research was her passion.

EEB Building Rendering

One of a Kind

By building a truly world-class energy engineering facility, Texas Engineering is positioned like no other to generate new ideas to meet the current and future demand for energy.

engineering education and research center

Alumni Notes

Texas Engineering alumni lead industries, launch companies and help develop solutions that improve lives around the world.

Graphic from the Blausen Library

Inside Out

The Cockrell School is now the sole custodian of one of the world’s most comprehensive visual learning resources for students.

Nuclear reactor glowing blue

Our Hidden Gem

Just 10 miles from UT’s main campus sits the J.J. Pickle Research Campus , one of the nation's leading research hubs that is known to many but still somehow steeped in mystery.

View of hurricane harvey from the international space station

A Storm Surge of Optimism

One year after Hurricane Harvey shook the Lone Star State to its core, some coastal towns may never be the same again.