The Ekerdt Effect

In 15 years as an associate dean, John Ekerdt helped build a collaborative research culture and served as a catalyst for the transforming skyline of the engineering campus

Viewpoint: Global Graduate

It’s been a whirlwind couple years for Siva Saket Sripada. He pulled off one of the biggest things someone can possibly do – moving across the world to pursue higher education. But just as he was getting started, he like many of us, had his life…

Captain Cockrell

At the Pentagon, three women stand on stage, their faces lit by the burst of flash bulbs. Then Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Merrill McPeak has gathered them to make an historic announcement: effective immediately, women pilots and…

McKinlaye Harkavy portrait

5 Questions with an Academic Advisor

For parents and students alike, going to college is one of the more stressful, and also exciting, parts of life. So much to navigate. So many opportunities. The Cockrell School’s Engineering Student Services group is an important tool to help…

Getting the Scoop

Daniel Nicholson was still finishing up his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin but would soon join the company and eventually become President and CEO.

Enrique the Connector

Ph.D. student Enrique Velasquez Morquecho leads SNaP, a collaborative effort of underrepresented student organizations in the Cockrell School to create shared community between different groups.

Portrait Woodrow

Meet TxEEE’s New Executive Director

Woodrow W. Winchester, III is a lifelong learner — a trait that suits him well as the new executive director of Texas Engineering Executive Education (TxEEE) — the Cockrell School’s professional development program.

Charlie Sander’s Quest to Strengthen Cybersecurity in Schools

Growing up, alumnus Charlie Sander (B.S. ECE 1978) was fascinated with electronic devices. After spending much of his adolescence taking apart radios and televisions, it seemed only fitting he would go on to pursue a degree in electrical engineering…

A Lifelong Love of Nature Drives This Texas Engineer

Carlos Torres-Verdín forged a bond with nature at an early age. As an avid hiker and climber, he grew up traversing the trails and scaling the mountain peaks near Mexico City, developing a fascination with rocks along the way. Years later, this…

Bob Metcalfe’s Next Big Thing

Metcalfe is preparing to wind down his fifth — yes, fifth — career, and he is already starting to think about number six. You may remember Metcalfe from such achievements as co-inventing Ethernet, co-founding pioneering technology company 3Com and…