2016-2017 Issue

ut tower

Alumni Notes

Texas Engineering alumni lead industries, launch companies and help develop solutions that improve lives around the world.

view of the USS Ford at night

We Built What?

One of the most important mechanisms aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford was developed by engineers at UT Austin.

close up of gloved fingers holding micro chip

Research Visualized

Awe-inspiring experiments, tiny devices and otherworldly materials are just a few of the fascinating things on display in Texas Engineering Laboratories.

group of students posing with Dr McKetta

A Community-Wide Commitment

The ambitious “Challenge for McKetta" fundraising effort was completed in spring 2016.

Clay Johnson in lab coat

Starting from Scratch

Dr. Clay Johnston, dean of the Dell Medical School, gives his perspective on health challenges facing society and the role engineers play in improving health care.

black and white illustration of city skyline

What Makes a City Smart?

The smart cities movement has gained momentum, pushed forward by political leaders, scientists, engineers and residents of cities themselves.

professor lydia contreras sitting in lab

Extreme Measures: 5 Questions with Lydia Contreras

Lydia Contreras discusses how her work on cellular engineering could affect human health.

student working on small airplane

Reimagining the Engineering Student Experience

We are creating an educational culture centered on student projects.

illustration of a brain

Engineering and the Brain

Teams of faculty and students are focusing on the brain — drawing on their problem-solving skills and creating new technologies to tackle, among others, four of the most common life-threatening brain conditions.

Josh Aldred sitting on swing next to two children in Afghanistan

Defined by Service

Service has become a common theme for alumnus Josh Aldred, who has dedicated his life to helping others.

Janet Lowe standing with dog in a green landscape

Risking it All, and Reaping the Rewards

Janet Lowe, alumna and engineer-turned-entrepreneur, gives insight into the realities of entrepreneurship and the keys to her success.

Bob Metcalfe standing in front of chalk board

Welcome to the Inoversity of Texas

Bob Metcalfe is aiming to create a university focused on identifying research and ideas that can be commercialized.

John Halton portrait

Unsung Heroes

We already know that Texas Engineering faculty and students are changing the world, but behind the scenes, staff and administrators are the ones keeping things running smoothly.

group of people looking at projects in classroom

Designed for Learning

The Datum Engineers Design Studio features a virtual design lab, studio space and a collaboration center.

landscape view with oil rig and rising moon

The Making of the Energy University

Texas' robust natural resources have undeniably helped launch UT Austin as one of the nation’s premier institutions in energy education, research and innovation.

John Ekerdt speaking at conference

It’s All in the Delivery

John Ekerdt, Associate Dean for Research, explains why communication is so critical to engineers and offers tips to craft an elevator pitch.

Reinvesting in Future Engineering Leaders

Ernest Cockrell Jr. greatly valued his education at UT Austin and believed that great institutions of higher education are built on dedicated faculty and talented students.

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