Edith Clarke, a Woman of Many Firsts

By the time Edith Clarke joined The University of Texas, becoming the first female electrical engineering professor in the U.S., she had already achieved legendary status among her peers: a master’s degree from MIT, the first female electrical…

Top 5 Research Breakthroughs

It’s been a busy year of research innovation in our Texas Engineering community. In the Cockrell School, researchers identify the biggest problems facing our society and take unique approaches to solve them. A common theme among innovations so far…

This Year So Far

Another year is off and running and the Cockrell School is buzzing. Faculty and student researchers have been hard at work confronting big problems, alumni are making a difference and the world is taking notice. Read on for just some of the many…

Day in the Life

The activity never stops at the Cockrell School of Engineering from dawn to dusk – and beyond. Here’s a slice of what an average day looks like on the engineering campus on the Forty Acres.

This Year So Far

New partnerships, major accolades and exciting research breakthroughs were part of a litany of Texas Engineering highlights.

Art on the Engineering Campus

Art and engineering may seem like two vastly different fields, but they are more closely connected than one might think. At their core, both art and engineering are about problem-solving, creativity and innovation.

Internship SZN

Summer is a time for rest, relaxation and growth. For Cockrell School of Engineering students, it’s also a time to get their feet wet working for large companies, government entities and other organizations.

Research + Breakthroughs

Texas Engineers are changing the world with important research discoveries.

Our Newest Faculty

From aircraft trajectory prediction and optimization, to finite element analysis of concrete structures, to molecular engineering and biotechnology, the Cockrell School’s newest faculty members span a wide range engineering expertise. Get to know…

This Year So Far

The Cockrell School of Engineering has yet again had an incredible year, pushing forward in the midst of the continued COVID-19 pandemic. From breakthrough research, awards and honors, student innovations and much more, 2021 is another one for the…