This Year So Far

New partnerships, major accolades and exciting research breakthroughs were part of a litany of Texas Engineering highlights.

Getting the Scoop

Daniel Nicholson was still finishing up his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin but would soon join the company and eventually become President and CEO.

Art on the Engineering Campus

Art and engineering may seem like two vastly different fields, but they are more closely connected than one might think. At their core, both art and engineering are about problem-solving, creativity and innovation.

Ready for Launch

Launch Texas aims to provide students entrepreneurial education that helps them create their own space tech companies and become part of a catalyst to grow the Texas space economy.

‘We Want All of You to Be Successful’

Thomas Connolly is on a quest to make engineering more accessible through teaching, engineering and international studies.

Understanding Membrane Curvature

Biomedical engineering associate professor Jeanne Stachowiak received the 2023 Michael and Kate Bárány Award for her paradigm-shifting discovery in the field of membrane biophysics.

Enrique the Connector

Ph.D. student Enrique Velasquez Morquecho leads SNaP, a collaborative effort of underrepresented student organizations in the Cockrell School to create shared community between different groups.

Internship SZN

Summer is a time for rest, relaxation and growth. For Cockrell School of Engineering students, it’s also a time to get their feet wet working for large companies, government entities and other organizations.

A New Era in ECE

This past year, a transformative gift set the stage for the Cockrell School’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) to become even more of a leader in this technological revolution.

Crafting Makes Me a Better Engineer

Christina Peltowany was initially skeptical of leaning on her crafting knowledge, but the parallels kept popping up.